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At the north end of Mui Ne, a beach town in Vietnam, is a little creek – the Fairy Stream – that winds its way through the sand dunes that surround the town. The stream’s bottom is super soft sand and mud that’s fun to walk through in bare feet. We walked about a mile up the creek, played in the mud, and then returned to end of the stream – where it flows into the ocean.

The Fairy Stream in Mui Ne, Vietnam
A view of the Fairy Stream – sand on one side, green on the other.

The kids playing and relaxing during our walk up the Fairy Stream.
Taking a break. The pictures don’t capture how hot it was. The day we did the walk was a scorcher.

The children climbing a wall of red sand.
Go up …

Sitting and getting dirty in a river of mud.
… and slide back down.

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  1. AvatarFairy Stream with Kids

    We are in Mui Ne now with our 3 kids, did you hire a tour for Fairy Stream? Or do it on your own?


    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave My Little Nomads

      We did it at the very end of an Easy Riders tour around central Vietnam. So yes, we were technically on a tour but they didn’t do anything for us other than drop us at the start of the stream and point us east. Easy to do by yourself – just find the stream and start walking.

  2. AvatarJason

    Nice post on what looks like a great place for kids. I’m wondering how tough it was to get those mud stains out of the white pants.

  3. AvatarFamily Friendly Destinations

    Great post and pics. I am planning a trip to Vietnam with my two kids next year. Looks like I should put this on the itinery!

  4. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave My Little Nomads

    Thanks Kerry and Myscha. It was fun. The mud and the warm water and the hot sun made it feel strangely like being in an outdoor spa.

  5. AvatarKerry

    looks as though it’s fun to play in — and to look at as well. thanks.

  6. AvatarMyscha Theriault

    What a blast! We haven’t done Vietnam yet, but really want to get there and spend some time. Looks like your kiddos really enjoyed themselves.

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