Travel With Kids: Train Travel In Vietnam

Traveling through a foreign country by train is almost always an interesting experience. Make that country as unique and magical as Vietnam and it’s exhilarating. Do it with your 2 young children and the trip quickly becomes unforgettable.

We started our trip in Hanoi and finished in Ho Chi Minh City and generally followed the coast down the length of the country. Here are a handful of memories I captured on 4 different train trips around Vietnam.

Getting snacks at the Hanoi train station

Buying some snacks before boarding the train in Hanoi.

Train station in Vietnam

You know the train has arrived when everyone else stands up.

Boarding the train to Hanoi

A semi-chaotic scramble to get on board.

Checking train tickets.

Tickets please. In our sleeper cabin, from Hanoi to Hue.

Sleeper car to Hue

A good morning to sleep late. The train is 4 hours behind schedule.

Coastline from Hue to Danang

The coastline between Hue and Danang.

Breakfast on the train

Breakfast on the train. Two choices: pho with beef and pho without beef.

Killing time in dining car

A seasoned traveler killing some time in the dining car.

Kids on the train in Vietnam.

I'm pretty sure our train was just heading in for its yearly cleaning.

Food on the train in Vietnam

This lady had one pair of scissors she used to cut through the chicken. And to cut the tape. And to separate the plastics bags. They were wonderfully multipurpose.

View from the train heading south from Hanoi.

When we weren't eating chicken we were watching the stunning scenery pass.

The train from Hue to Danang.

Leaving the train in Danang.

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  1. AvatarMekanue

    Thank you so much for your holiday post. I am planning a trip next year and your adventures have been nothing less than funny and helpful.

  2. AvatarLauren from

    The countryside is so vivid! I have a good friend with two young girls and their family recently moved from Seattle to Hanoi. I’ll forward him this post.

  3. AvatarDebbie Ferm

    Wow! Amazing photos, and great story, too! The scissors situation is so funny:)

  4. AvatarAmy @ The Q Family

    A great photo essay. Thank you for taking us along for your train travel. πŸ™‚ The coastline is gorgeous.

  5. Avatarjackie

    What a wonderful series of photos!

  6. AvatarVictoria

    Oh wow, that looks amazing. We are planning to visit Vietnam on our trip next year, and I was wondering about that train journey, whether we’d enjoy it, whether we’d be better off just going to the south of the country. You’ve sold it to me, we are definitely taking that train!

  7. AvatarWanderluster

    Fantastic photos! Especially since I’ll be on an overnight train to Hue in less than a week.

    Note to self – bring flip flops!

  8. AvatarLorraine

    Looking at your post, I can imagine the train tracks underneath me. Thanks for capturing and sharing the details of what looks like an incredible journey. WOW on the coastline shot.

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