The Westin Grand Hotel in Vancouver with Kids

During our last trip to Vancouver we stayed at the Westin Grand Hotel on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver. The kids loved being close to downtown’s attractions (and the great swimming pool) – and the nearby SkyTrain made getting almost anywhere very easy.

For the best rates will likely beat the hotel’s official rate by 20% to 40%.

Location: 433 Robson St., Vancouver, BC, V6B 6L9
Phone: 604-602-1999
Fax: 604-647-2502
Toll-Free: 1-800-937-8461

Helpful Info:

The swimming pool at the Vancouver Westin Grand Hotel

The kids spent a lot of time in the heated pool (and hot tub) even though it was October

The incredible views of downtown Vancouver kept the kids entertained.

The incredible views of downtown Vancouver kept the kids entertained.

The kitchenette in the hotel room was very handy.

A kitchenette in the hotel room is a great way to save on breakfast and snacks.

A couch and bed in the Superior Suite.

Rooms are spacious and very comfortable

What we liked:

  • The swimming pool – A fantastic outside heated pool with accompanying hot tub. The deck has sun chairs and great views of the surrounding skyline.
  • The location – Situated just a few blocks from the intersection of Robson and Granville streets the hotel is located near many of the adult and kid-friendly highlights of Vancouver.
  • The breakfast – We didn’t eat lunch or dinner at the hotel’s restaurants but the breakfast was among the best I’ve ever had. Fantastic.
  • Very spacious rooms – Separate sleeping areas for the parents and the kids made for a pleasant stay. The rooms also had a good sized bathroom which made getting ready in the morning easy and quick.
  • The kitchenette – A great way to save money. The fridge, dishwasher, sink, bowls, plates, and cutlery allow for eating snacks and small meals without visiting another restaurant.

What we didn’t like:

  • Not much. There were times we might have wished to be closer to Stanley Park but, as I said above, being right in the thick of Robson and Granville was great. You do have to pay for parking, as it’s quite scarce on the surrounding streets, but that goes with being in downtown Vancouver and is hardly the fault of any hotel.


The Grand Westin is a great hotel. The kids loved it but I’d recommend it for anyone – with or without children.

7 questions and comments

  1. Peter Bailey

    This is really a condo hotel, i.e. rooms are condos owned by individuals, and the building is run by Westin and units let out when owners aren’t there.

    Agree it’s a nice hotel (i.e. average for Westin chain) and very well located for Robson/Yaletown access. Also the view from rooms on the upper floors (I was on 30th) is quite spectacular.

    On the downside, the two rooms I saw had a quite pronounced musty/moldy odor (i.e. I was assigned a room, and after noticing smell I asked for another which also had it). The staff said that apparently this is quite common for roms in this hotel (i.e. presumably due to local damp climate and or bathroom ventilation issue?). They will bring up a whole apt. ozonator to dissipate the odor while you’re out of the room, and it did reduce the problem quite a bit.

    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      Thanks for the great input Peter.

  2. Mother of 4 – Jen

    The Westin consistently has the nicest beds of any major chain. I love ’em. Their cribs are good quality too – not the cheap Holiday Inn kind.

  3. Eric

    Been thinking of booking this for the New Years. How crazy does it get on Robson street on New Year’s Eve?

    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      It’s not too bad on that section of Robson. Pretty quiet actually. Most of the bars and clubs are close-by but not within hearing distance. I think it would be a great spot for New Years. Good luck.

  4. Amanda

    Subeez restaurant is very close and has awesome food. Yaletown – pubs, shops, dance bars – is just a bit farther. Nice spot.

  5. A. Jane

    The Westin is one of our favorites in downtown. And it’s right by the beautiful public library which is great to pop into on rainy day. There’s a very nice Earle’s restaurant just up Robson, and GM Place (now Rogers Arena) is a short walk if you want to watch the Canucks or take in a concert.

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