Summer 2017 Travels

Samuel on a jet ski tour to the Santorini caldera. Epic.

Food tour in Hong Kong.

Traveling with friends in Japan.

Detour over a canal during our bike trip around the Netherlands.

Beth and Kipling made a quick trip to Los Angeles and the area theme parks.

Our private plunge pool and deck in Santorini.

Too much food in Seoul, South Korea.

Big sumo tournament in Nagoya, Japan.

During a bike ride around Kyoto we were stopped by adults trying to practice their english. The boys were good sports.

Selfie in a Ryokan.

A food tour in Tokyo.

And this has become a common scene for us. Beautiful surroundings and the boys looking at their devices. Would I prefer they were enjoying the view? Sure. But ultimately, I want them to do what they’re most interested in – and that’s often going to be something I don’t find that interesting.

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