Songkran in Thailand (With Kids)

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Pictures from Bangkok during one of the world’s craziest celebrations.

When we were in Thailand with the boys we – completely by chance – happened to spend our final two days in Bangkok while their huge Songkran festival was occurring.  The city – the country! – pretty much shuts down and streets turn into a big carnival of water fights, face smeering, food, drink and more water fights.

We bought Samuel a water gun and here he is getting comfortable with it.
Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand

Some kids looking for someone to GET!
Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand

There are water-sellers that set up station at just about every street corner. They charge about a dollar for ice cold water – and I mean cold – for the guns and balloons and buckets, but they were often so pleased with Samuel’s spirit that we rarely paid anything.
Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand

Samuel getting some lessons.
Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand

Kipling had a pretty good time but by the end he’d gotten soaked one too many times with that frigid water.
Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand

End on a high note: banana crepes!
Songkran in Bangkok, Thailand

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  1. AvatarVictoria

    We will be in Thailand for Songkran next year. My children will LOVE this!

  2. AvatarCaitlin @ Roaming Tales

    I was in Bangkok for Songkran a couple of years back. I would have loved to have partaken in the craziness, but I was on assignment with a photographer for another story and we had expensive camera gear to protect.

  3. Avatarjessiev

    what fun – your photos made me smile!!

  4. AvatarAmie from Ciao Bambino

    It looks like a little boys dream! Thailand our 7-year-old is on our near-term travel list …

  5. AvatarTheWordWire

    Thailand is on my travel wish list — Being there during a water gun party like this looks like a great way to soak up the local culture!

  6. AvatarSarah V.

    You were brave to take out your camera with all of that water flying around. It was worth the risk though…great photos!

  7. AvatarLucia

    We LOVE Thailand. We were in Chang Mai for the Loi Kratong festival and had some amazing experiences…but they didn’t include banana crepes or waterguns and my kids would have loved that!

  8. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave My Little Nomads

    Ah, good question. It’s certainly a national thing, but I imagine a litte extra crazy in Bangkok – and I’ve heard Chiang Mai.

  9. AvatarMonna

    Wow! These are great shots of the Songkran craziness that I’ve heard so much about from friends! We’ll be in Phuket for our first Thai Songkran… I wonder if they celebrate in the same way!

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