Salmon Fishing in British Columbia with Kids

In Northern B.C. the Skeena River is known for its runs of Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and Pink Salmon as well as the mighty Steelhead.
The family going fishing in the boat.

The Skeena is the province’s second largest river and is a veritable salmon super highway during the summer months.
Fishing off the end of the boat

Chinook Salmon (also known as Spring or Tyee) can begin their annual migration as early as May and will typically peak in July; Coho runs begin in late July and can carry though to October and November; Sockeye and Pink typically run during the summer months; Steelhead, the sea-running Rainbow Trout, have mulitple annual runs the largest and most pursued by the sport fiisher being the summer run.
Fly fishing in BC

Saltwater fishing on BC’s northcoast is also second to none, where anglers pursue all of the above noted salmon as well as bottom dwellers like Halibut and Snapper, not to mention a healthy crab fishery.
A fish is caught.

And although the BC interior is better known for its Rainbow trout fishery, northern BC has many lakes with very healthy fisheries of Rainbow & Cutthroat trout as well as Char.
Fishing for salmon in BC

In all cases your best bet is always to find a local guide and have them take you out on the water.
Catching a fish.

River fishing in Northern BC

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