My Trip to the Yucatan by Samuel (age 9)

Piknik is a great place to eat. It is in Cancun city. We ate there twice and it is great. We ordered chicken tacos, pork tacos, and shrimp tacos.

This cenote in Valladolid is called Zaci Cenote. A cenote is an underground cave with water in it. We swam and jumped off the ledges of the cenote.

A taco stand in Valladolid on a sidewalk. These might have been the best tacos on our trip. We ordered taco after taco because they were so good.

Our tour guide telling us about the carvings on the wall of the ball court at Chichen Itza.

A bus tour of Merida. It was extremly fun to learn stuff about Merida but Kip fell asleep.

A crepe stand we found in Merida and it was very tasty. He put extra nutella on it. It cost 20 pesos for one crepe.

These nachos are from a place called Margaritas Time in Merida. Their nachos are very good and have pastor, chicken, chips, Guacamole and cheese.

This is pastor. We ate a lot of it.

These are bikes we rented at Coba to look at the pyramid.

This is my brother and I climbing Coba. It was fun.

This is a person named Javier (pronounced Habier) cutting open a coconut for Kipling and me in Tulum. Inside a coconut there is watery stuff that you can drink. If it is ripe it tastes very sweet,if it is not ripe it tastes sour.

Lots of places give you a full chicken and a pile of tortillas and you make your own tacos.

A bridge kip and me liked to jump off. There was a lot of tropical fish under the bridge.

This is Kipling and I riding in the luggage cart from the docks to our hotel on Isla Mujeres.

This is a picture taken by me of these super duper cute little baby turtles on Isla Mujeres at the turtle farm.

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  1. AvatarJack Henry

    Hi Sammy what a great time you passed together! I love the foods, I love the scenario there, I love the feelings being there. A fantastic place. I must be there in future. Thanks for all these great stuff.

  2. AvatarChristina

    This is awesome!!! Love it, and reminds me of my first trips to Mexico πŸ™‚

  3. AvatarKerry

    What a great blog of your holiday! We are visiting some of the same places in February and I loved reading about the places we will be going. You are a very good writer, Sam. You should consider doing this for every trip. Many thanks for taking the time to blog.

  4. AvatarUncle Mike

    Have you ever thought of starting your own travel blog? You could call it onelittlenomad. I don’t think your Dad would mind.
    This was great. It truly makes me want to go back to Mexico. I’ve always loved the food there and you just reminded me of that as well as brought my attention to some other interesting things we can do on our next trip.
    Maybe your family and our family can travel together to Mexico (or elsewhere) some day?
    Uncle Mike

    1. AvatarSamuel

      yes yes we should mike – Maybe to england.

  5. AvatarAuntie Penny

    Hi Sammy,
    I really enjoyed reading about your trip and seeing some of your pictures. Looks like so much fun! I still can’t believe how beautiful the ocean is down there…the water is a turqoise-like color. Thanks for sharing, Sammy.

  6. AvatarGrand Pop

    Outstanding job Sammy, not only where the pictures great but also the commentary. Watch out all you new people there is a new kid on the block

  7. AvatarLisa Goodmurphy

    Great job describing the highlights of your trip, Sam! Loved all the pics of the foods you liked – trying local dishes is one of my favourite parts of traveling too. The photo of you and your brother jumping into the cenote is awesome!

  8. AvatarAuntie Nancy

    Hi Sam – excellent job on your post. It was very interesting for me to read all your great information about food in Mexico (yummy) as well as the details of your activities. A visit to Isla Mujeres is on my “bucket list”. The underground cave reminded me of a great trip we had to the Fijian Islands when we swam in an underground cave. We had to swim from a pool, through a tunnel to an the cave – very cool – thanks for the memory. Did you see any sea life in the cave? It is sure great that you can share your experience of travel with others through your blog. Thanks to your Dad for sending me the link to your blog. Excellent job Sammy! Have a great day. Hugs to you and the family!

  9. AvatarMJ

    Sammy, I really enjoyed your post and you did a great job. Sounds like you had an interesting trip and lots of good food. I was wondering how you got up to where the steps started when you came out of the water at the underground cave. Did you see the pyramid at El Castillo. It is 75 feet high and has 4 sides with 91 steps on each side. Too many steps for Gramma to climb-also it was very hot.
    Well written post Sammy and very informative.
    Love gramma

  10. AvatarAndrea Szalda

    Wow! Very interesting brings back great memories. The turtles are my favorite!

  11. AvatarJamie Hogg

    Excellent stuff Samuel. It sure looks like you had a great time. I bet all the food was really good. I’d love to try the pastor and tortillas.

  12. AvatarKim Maxon

    Great job Samuel! I love the pictures, and your captions are very well written. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, and now I would like to visit Mexico too.

  13. AvatarAngie Wright

    Well done Samuel!! I really liked your blog. It looks very beautiful there. I am very hungry now from reading this! It looks like you and your family had a wonderful trip full of fun memories!!

  14. AvatarKatrina

    Great post! That looks like an amazing trip and now I’m hungry for tacos!

  15. AvatarMonica Porter

    Great highlights of your trip! My brother took a trip there when he was young man, and enjoyed it so much he went back many times. What was your favorite part of the trip, besides obviously the great food!

    1. AvatarSamuel

      Swimming in the cenotes. They were really fun!!!

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