First Post. About Me. Where and When of First Travel.

This is it. The first post in a long line of I hope many. The first of anything is unique in itself. There’s an added contradiction here.I’m introducing myself even though it will be read by almost no one – at least initially. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, it’s as a reader several weeks months or years from its initial posting.

On the Mekong river in Vietnam

My two boys and I on a boat in Vietnam

Who Am I?
A Canadian. I married my American wife almost 10 years ago and currently live in Seattle. I’m a former IT worker who left everyday corporate work, to be the primary caregiver for my two young boys. They are ages 6 and 3, and with the exception of school and the occasional playdate I’ve spent very little time apart from them since their birth.

I love to travel. Surprise. My first “real” trip was a 6 week trip to Bali and Java in 1991. A fairly conventional trip to an unconventional country. It was a first taste. I can’t say it changed my view of the world but it was the soil from which my developing interest in travel grew.

A 1992 trip through Amsterdam, Greece, Egypt and Israel for 6 weeks started the ball rolling in earnest and a 1993 journey that took me to Greece again and on to Turkey and India for a total of 4 months pretty much cemented my devotion to the idea of travel. And from there it has always been “When is my next trip.”

1994 took me to Paris, India and Thailand on a 4 month trip. In the summer of 1996 I hopped through Europe for 6 weeks: Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Belgrade and back through Greece (with a stopover in Milan on the way home).

Back to Greece in 1998 to work at an Internet cafe in Athens for 3 months. Home to Canada for two months and then on to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore for December and January (1999).

 Goa, India

My first trip to India (1993)

I married my beautiful wife Beth in June of 2000 and we did two weeks of honeymooning in Jamaica followed by a month Euro-railing through Europe: Germany, Italy, Switzerland and France.

September of 2001 was the start of a 4 month around-the-world journey for the two of us. (We gave notice to our employers on the first workday after 9/11.) We started the trip in England and then on to Greece, Italy, France, India, Christmas in Thailand, and Hong Kong before returning home to North America and our new home of San Francisco.

We had our first child in 2003 and took him to Ireland for 10 days in 2004. Our 2nd child was born in early 2006 and that fall we all went to Indonesia for 15 days. A year and a half later (spring 2007) we were back in SE Asia for a visit to Thailand. And just this past summer (2009) we spent a month traveling through Vietnam from North to South.

And now the Travel blog. I hope for your sake and mine the ensuing posts will be more interesting than this initial offering but I felt I had to get my travel history out there and thought this first workman-like posting was the place to do it.

Here we go. Let’s have some fun. (And start planning our next trip!)

David Hogg

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  1. AvatarCharlotte and John fuller

    Hi David,
    Loved reading of your familys adventures.We have 8 children ages 7-20 and plan to travel for 4 weeks thru southeast Asia,before our move from the states to noosa Australia. Your travel tips are practical and most helpful. Thanks for sharing.
    Charlotte and John fuller

    1. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave My Little Nomads

      Hi Charlotte and John. Thanks for the great comment. I love doing the site and comments like yours make it all worthwhile. Have a great trip. Cheers.

  2. Santorini DaveSantorini Dave My Little Nomads

    Indeed, Croatia looks amazing. Next time we’re around that area for sure. If only it were a little easier to bounce down to Greece from there, but traveling along the coast – whenever I’ve looked into it – always seems so iffy. Sometimes the ferries are running and sometimes they’re not. Albania too, looks pretty cool.

  3. AvatarElisa

    Hi David!

    How did you miss Croatia?? LOL
    Your kids are very lucky for such experiences. I too am intrigued to find out about your next trip. I will be back for more!
    We are just waiting for this weather to warm up a bit so we can hit the road!

  4. AvatarGeorgina

    Just read your first blog. you see some people do read these things. Travelling is like bug. I was only talking to my husband the other day saying on one hand I feel so enriched to have traveeled so extensively and can more or less imagine what any country in the world would look like BUT will probably die disatisfied because there will be places I want to but haven’t managed to visit, knowing they are out there !!!All to do with money constraints. In my youth I have lived for a long time in Germany. South Africa aBelgium and England (I am English) and as a family we always had great holidays, mostly Europe. In 1988 I left to travel the world for 6 months to a year but caome back instead 3 years later. Most of the time was spent in Asia. I got a great IT job contacting in OZ for 6 months which funded a lot of it, but I was a shoestring girl!!. Had lots of hols on return , Kenya, Turkey, Istael, Spain, skiing eetc. But in 1994 took another year going from London to Jo’Burg overland. Took one of those trucks as far as Nairobi and then jumped ship to do the rest solo. Got married in 1999. Went to Thailand in 2006 for 3 weeks with the kids, and this opened my husbands eyes to the world, hence Vietnam in March. We would love to go on a big holiday (prefer Asia) every year but sadly money constraints stop this happening, but we will endeavour to do our best. Can’t wait for Vietnam and thanks for your review.

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