Tokyo with Kids – The Best Family Hotels

Updated: January 27, 2017

Tokyo Family Hotels – Tips and Recommendations

  • – Best website for finding hotel deals in Tokyo.
  • Family-sized rooms are rare in Tokyo and sell out early. If you find something you like book it immediately.
  • The best budget hotels for families are Hotel 3000 and Dai Ichi Hotel Ryogoku
  • The best family apartment in Tokyo is at Hotel Axas Nihonbashi.
  • The attractions of Tokyo are spread around the city. There is not one-area that is best for families. The most important thing is to be close to a subway station. Read: Where to stay in Tokyo
  • The best times to visit Tokyo are late September to early December and March, April, and early May.
  • The best playgrounds for kids in Tokyo are at Sakura-zaka (Robot) Park and Ueno Park (across from the main entrance to the zoo).
  • DisneySea is less busy and more interesting than Tokyo Disneyland.

The attractions of central Tokyo for families.

The 9 Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Tokyo

Hilton Tokyo Bay (luxury)

Tokyo Disneyland Family Room
An official Disney hotel on the grounds of Disneyland and one stop on the Disney monorail to both Disneyland and DisneySea. Large outdoor pool (but only open in summer) and indoor fitness pool for adults. Huge family rooms can sleep a family of 7 and slightly smaller Happy Magic rooms easily sleep 4. The Hilton is as kid-friendly a hotel as you’ll find in Tokyo. It’s about 30 minutes by subway from Disney to downtown Tokyo.

Four Seasons Hotel at Marunouchi (luxury)

Tokyo Four Seasons Hotel with Kids
Large rooms in a beautiful hotel. Staff go out of their way to welcome kids. Cookies, a small gift, and kid-sized slippers for children. Walking distance to the Imperial Palace and Gardens. Unfortunately they only allow 3 guests in one room so the Four Seasons won’t work for a family of 4 or more. Nearby: Tokyo Station, Ginza. Subway: Close to Tokyo Station.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome (moderate)

Mitsui Garden Hotel with Kids
Nice hotel in a quieter part of Tokyo but still easy access to the subway (Ginza, Tokyo Station, and Odaiba are nearby). The Japanese bath on the top floor is great. The triples have 3 large beds and can easily sleep a family of 4 (though you’ll have to book for 3 people and “hide” the fourth member but the hotel is big enough that this is easily done). Subway: Shiodome is a 3 minute walk.

Asakusa View Hotel (moderate)

Asakusa View Hotel with Kids
Huge rooms (some with 4 large beds), great location, and many nearby sights, shops, and restaurants. Asakusa is a lively and exciting neighborhood and this hotel is close to all of it. Direct access to the Asakusa subway station.

Sotetsu Fresa Inn Tokyo-Toyocho

Sotetsu Fresa Inn with Kids
The Economy Quadruple Room (2 twin beds and a bunk bed) is a great deal if you’re able to book it. The hotel is in a quieter neighborhood – about 15 minutes by subway to both central Tokyo and Disneyland. The station is 30 seconds from the hotel. If you’re trying to do Tokyo on a budget this is a great choice.

Khaosan World Asakusa Hostel (moderate)

Khaosan Family Room
Family rooms are large and sleep 3. Superior Rooms are larger and sleep 5. Both have private bathrooms. Asakusa subway station is 1 minute away. Laundry and communal kitchen available.

Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku

Hotel Rose Garden Shinjuku with Kids
Quadruples are good for families and have 2 twin and 2 sofa beds (rooms are not huge though). Great location in Shinjuku. Nishi Shinjuku subway station 1 minute from hotel.

Hotel Edoya

Japanese style family room with tatami mats.
Japanese style ryokan with tatami mats and mattresses on the floor. Large triple and quadruple rooms provide plenty of space for families. Traditional Japanese baths on the top floor are great (segregated by sex).

Shiba Park Hotel

Shiba Park Hotel with Kids
Good value hotel located in a quiet (but central) Tokyo neighborhood. Inexpensive tasty Japanese restaurants (along with a Starbucks and a few other western restaurants) are just down the street. Triple and quadruple rooms are large. Onarimon and Daimon subway stations are a few minutes walk away.

Budget Hotels and Hostels in Tokyo

Inexpensive hotels that will fit a family.

More Hotels for Families in Tokyo

These hotels offer triple, quad, or family rooms.

Hotels with Swimming Pools

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26 questions and comments

  1. Cheap Hotel with Good Access to Narita

    Hi David,

    I’m planning to book a trip to Tokyo on the 3rd week of April. Do you have some place to recommend for a budget hotel? I will be travelling with my mom (60yrs old). A hotel with easy access to Narita International Airport would be preferred so that my mom would not be too difficult for her travelling.


    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      The Dai Ichi Inn Ikebukoro is a good budget hotel a very short walk from the Ikebukuro station (which has direct trains from Narita).

  2. Tokyo Hotel Room with 3 or 4 Beds

    Hi David
    Planning a trip to Japan in June. We have a total of 7 of us. My Husband and I with 3 boys ages 24,19 and 17. Also my 85 year old mother and Brother. We would like to stay in Shinjuku or Shibuya close to the JR station if possible. I was thinking on renting 2 rooms with 3 or 4 beds per a room. Any suggestion on Hotel?

  3. Good Areas of Tokyo

    Hi David,
    I am travelling with my husband and two kids (8 &10) to Tokyo in June, was hoping you could help me with some ideas on where to stay in Tokyo, is there any section that is better than the others, would like an apartment style hotel if possible (I like the idea of small kitchenette). We are away for 19 nights, was thinking of 7 nights in Tokyo, 4 nights in Kyoto, and then 7 nights in Osaka. Catching the bullet train etc. Was going to Disneyland, universal studios and seeing all of the local things as well. Any tips would be very grateful. Thanks Anna
    Anna Tuohy

  4. Location of Hotel Axas Nihonbashi

    Hi David,

    I’m greatly interested in staying at Hotel Axas Nihonbashi. I would just like to ask if it is near the subway station? It will be our first time in Japan. Thanks, Jennifer Jane Ang

  5. Tokyo and Where Else To Go?

    hello David,
    We will be traveling to Japan this May. We are thinking of doing 4 days in Tokyo and four days in Osaka. We will like to do four days in another country in the same region that is not too far away. Do you have any suggestions? We are considering any one of this places listed: Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, or Hanoi. However we are open to suggestions. Andrew

    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      Hong Kong is the most kid-friendly and perfectly suits a 4 day visit, so I’d do that.

  6. Cheap Hotel in Tokyo over Christmas

    Hi David,
    We are travelling to Tokyo during Christmas (a couple and a toddler 2years old) with limited budget. Is there any budget hotel recommended that are within walking distance to sub station? Is capsule hotel kids friendly?

  7. Tokyo Hotel for Family of 6

    Hi David
    We are looking for a hotel that will fit 6, 2 adults and 4 children – the only one we have found is the Tokyo Hilton….do you know of any others? Kate

    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      There aren’t a lot of large family rooms for 6 in Tokyo – but there are some. For typical hotels look at Dai-ichi Hotel Ryogoku (two adjacent triple rooms, but not interconnected) or the Centurion Hotel Ueno (premier family room). But Japanese-style rooms are also great for families. Look at Meguro Gajoen (very nice and good value, but not central location) or the Tokyo Ueno New Izu Hotel – both have futons on tatami mats in a large open room. Lastly, there’s the hostel-style rooms at Holiday View Inn (6 bunk beds in a private room).

  8. Getting Around Japan for Family of 5

    Hi David,

    We are a family of 5 with three young children age from 9-13. We will arrive at Narita airport at the end of March. We plan to visit Tokyo, Hakone, and Kyoto for seven days. We’re traveling on a budget. Would you recommend to rent a car rather then taking rail? It seems like more economical to drive with a large group then taking public transportation.

    Thank you in advance for your guide.


    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      You are right that for five people, renting a car is more economical than taking a train and also allows for more flexibility. In fact, renting a car can cost about half the price of rail tickets, not including gasoline and road tolls. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need an International Driving Permit and driving is on the left side of the street. There are also other cons to driving a car, namely that parking is expensive in cities like Tokyo and Kyoto and driving in big cities can be confusing. In Tokyo, therefore, you’ll probably find taking public transportation in Tokyo easier than driving a car and then searching for a place to park. Furthermore, gasoline is expensive in Japan (as much as four times the cost of gas in the US) and the price of one-way tolls between Tokyo and Kyoto is almost the same price as a rail ticket. In addition, while the trip between Tokyo and Kyoto by bullet train takes less than three hours, it can easily take twice that long by car if traffic is heavy.

      Also, you mention traveling to Hakone, which is much more fun using local transportation. In fact, getting to and around Hakone is a big part of the fun. That’s because there’s a loop circuit you can take through Hakone that includes transportation by train, a three-car mountain railway, a cable car, a ropeway and a ride on a boat that’s designed to look like a pirate ship. You can purchase 2-day excursion tickets called Hakone Freepass, which are rail passes that allow unlimited rides on all forms of transportation in Hakone and small discounts to its attractions. Children love this journey, and you’d miss out if traveling by car.

      If you’re undeterred, be sure to get a car with English GPS. A good place to look for more information is Japan Experience, which provides booking information in English for Japan’s major rental agencies like Toyota Rentacar, Nippon Rentacar, Nissan Rentacar and Orix Rentacar.

      Even if you decide to rent a car, however, consider picking it up on the day you leave Tokyo. In fact, you could even pick it up in Odawara, a major gateway to Hakone, after your trip through Hakone and then continue onward to Kyoto (Hakone Freepasses are available from both Tokyo and Odawara).

      If, on the other hand, you decide to travel by train, you’ll find the cost 7-day rail passes about the same price as roundtrip tickets between Tokyo and Kyoto, so they’re worth buying for the simplicity of jumping on a train rather than having to purchase individual tickets each time (note that JR rail passes are not valid in Hakone, so you’ll still need the Hakone Freepass there).

      But there is a cheaper alternative to renting a car or traveling by train for travelers on a budget. Long-distance buses travel frequently between Tokyo and Kyoto. One company that offers good information in English is Willer Express, which also offers a Japan Bus Pass for 3, 5, or 7 days. Not only are long-distance buses much cheaper than trains, but many travel overnight, saving on the cost of a hotel.

  9. Hotel for Family of 4 in Tokyo

    Thanks for the wonderful article. I need a room for 5, 2 adults, 2 kids under 11 and a 12 years old. I went thru your list and didn’t find anything fit. Can I put 2 kids and 2 adult and ‘ hide’ the other kid?


  10. Ryokan for Families

    Hi! Can you recommend a good ryokan to go with families in Tokyo? I have two small children and I would love to spend some nights in one …


  11. Luxury Hotel with Pool for Family of 4 in Tokyo

    We are having trouble finding a hotel for our family of 4. Looking for a 4 or 5 star hotel that has a pool the kids are able to use. We were recommend the Cerulean in Shibuya by a co-worker but they do not allow kids under 18 in their pool. Very strange. Please help.

    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      It is very common for hotels (especially luxury hotels) to not allow children in the pool. Two hotels that do allow kids in the pool are the Park Hyatt (but children need to be 3 and above) and the Shangri-La (I don’t believe there are any age restrictions).

  12. Cheap Family Hotel in Tokyo

    Hi David,
    Great information!
    We usually stay at the Richmond Hotel.
    They charge per room instead of per person, and the room usually have 2 beds (W100/120 x L200cm) . Children up to 12-year-old using the existing beds are free of charge (1 child per bed). If you let them know the number of children staying with you in advance, they will have children’s slippers, toothbrush, etc., ready in the room.
    Good for a family whose children are under 12, but maybe not for above that age…we usually booked a room with one of them until our first son turned 13.
    Hope this helps.

  13. Hotel Room for Family of 3

    Hi, if I book a room for 2 people but there’s three of us that’s staying, will they charge me for the 1 person upon checking in? Because most online booking websites don’t indicate the room is good for three people. thanks!


    1. DavidDavid My Little Nomads

      Yes, they’ll charge you if they see that 3rd person. But only one adult needs to check in (the other 2 in your family could wait somewhere else and enter the hotel later).

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