The Best Travel Videos for Cancun and the Yucatan

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The Best Beach Resorts in the Yucatan

The most popular destination for holiday makers visiting the Yucatan is undoubtedly Cancun. It’s a big, busy, bustling resort known for its luxury hotels, 5 star restaurants and world class beaches. It’s expensive by Mexican standards but the incredible diversity of things to do usually wins over even the most cinical vacationer. This travel video gives a good overview of the scenes and sights to expect while visiting Cancun.

Isla Mujeres lies just a short boat ride from the mainland and looks directly across the water to the high rise hotels of Cancun. But that’s where the similarities end. Where Cancun is high energy with lots to do, Isla Mujeres is for those looking to relax and unwind, and the big decision of each day is usually whether to hit the pool or the fabulous — and very calm — waters of Playa Norte.

Playa del Carmen’s eclectic mix of cool hotels, hip restaurants and a car free shopping area make it an attractive choice for many holiday makers. Less touristy than Cancun but more energetic than Isla Mujeres, the resort offers a great mix of beach fun and nearby attractions. Playa del Carmen also has an airport if you’re looking to avoid the congestion and long waits found at the Cancun airport.

Cozumel is located just off the coast of Playa del Carmen and regular boats connect the two resorts in around 40 minutes. The island of Cozumel is known for it’s five star all-inclusive resorts and its great snorkeling and diving. This video gives a good idea of the Cozumel vibe and some of the luxurious hotels that are spread along the island’s incredible beaches.

Tulum — the former mainstay of the backpacker circuit has gone upscale in recent years but still retains its off-the-grid vibe. The beaches are idyllic, the nearby ruins enchanting and the costs decidedly cheaper than the resorts to the north.

Away From the Beach: The Cities and Attractions of the Yucatan

There are many things to do on short day trips from Cancun and the other coastal resorts. This video offers some ideas if you’re looking to add a little action, exploration and adventure to your vacation.

One of the most compelling and inspiring cities in all of Mexico, Merida is the capital of the state of Yucatan and the cultural hub of the entire peninsula.

Cenotes are a top attraction for tourists and this video comes close to capturing some of the incredible beauty and awe inspiring nature of the Cenote Ikil de Chichén Itzá.

Accommodations in the Yucatan

Hotels can be found for every budget around the Yucatan region. While Cancun and the other resorts are no longer the cheap destinations they were 20 or 30 years ago, there are still good deals to be found if you’re willing to stay off the main strip of shops and restaurants. Foregoing a swimming pool is also a good way to cut costs. And good discounts can be found outside the peak months of December, January and February. On the other end of the scale visitors to the Riviera Maya can enjoy luxury and indulgence that only the best all-inclusive resorts can dream up. Here’s a video from the Azul Beach Hotel that is among the most praised of a new breed of accommodations referred to as “boutique resorts”.

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    I Have been to Playa Del Carmen and when we were there we explored the area and i would have to agree on to go and see the ruins in Tulum and also a chance to swim with dolphins in Puerto Advantouras it was awesome.When you go to Playa another place we liked is walking the 5th ave at night.Hope you Enjoy.


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