The Best Travel Books for Kids

OK, whether these are all actually travel books is debatable. But they all have the spirit of travel, of adventure, of exploration.

And they’re all great!

Young Kids

Older Kids

I update this whenever we read a good new book. Please offer your suggestions below. Thanks.

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  1. Great list! So many of our favorites are on the list – Katie series, Magic Treehouse, This is… There is a Madeline in Rome that is also fun.

    • Hey Jennifer. I like Madeline in Rome too but tried to restrict the list to my very favorites — or it would get very long in a hurry :)

  2. Hi- I would like to show you my book Sammy’s Next Move- it is for kids travelling and moving to different countries.
    many thanks Helen

  3. Great travel books for kids is the Geronimo Stilton & Thea Stilton book series. Have really enjoyed reading your posts. Safe travels. Alex

    • My son has been reading those too over the last few weeks. He loves them. Thanks.

  4. Hello David, Good for you for exposing your kids to beautiful cultures! I applaud you! When you have a moment, please visit my website to read about my project; a series of children’s travel books in the works. My debut book, Let’s Take a Trip; An Invitation to India was recently published and can be purchased through the website or at
    Happy Travels, Sylvie

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