Seattle With Kids – Best Kid Friendly Restaurants

Seattle is filled with a ton of great restaurants. The relaxed and low-key atmosphere works remarkably well with families willing to dive into a great meal. Not all of them are kid-friendly of course, but with the right attitude and encouragement some of the city’s funnest and most unique restaurants can work well with curious and inquisitive children of any age.

The boys eating dessert at 5 Spot Restaurant in Seattle

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re not very fond of chain restaurants. Boring, stale, bland and predictable food has no place in any family’s meal — and certainly not a family on vacation. (Or even locals looking for new ideas for places to eat.)

So with an attitude of adventure and enjoying something new, let’s take a look at some Seattle restaurants that combine good food with a fun atmosphere.

(We’ve listed them by neighborhoods.)

Downtown and Belltown

Macrina Bakery – tasty soup and sandwiches, and the best cookies and treats in the city.

Alibi Room – awesome food in a hip, loud, and busy setting. The Alibi Room doubles as a cocktail bar so it’s probably not for a family with 2 or 3 very young kids but the food is so great, the happy hour prices so cheap, and the vibe so relaxed that it can work for most groups. (In Pike Place Market across from Gum Wall which, as you’d expect from the name, is a wall of previously chewed gum.)

Queen Anne

5 Spot Cafe — a roaming menu keeps it exciting, comfort food with a twist keeps everyone coming back.

Tup Tim Thai — a local classic, great thai food in a relaxed atmosphere makes it a winner for everyone.


Blue Moon Burgers — good hamburgers, fries and milkshakes makes this place popular with young and old. Beer on tap if the adults are so inclined.

Jai Thai — sit on the floor and gaze out the window at the Fremont foot and car traffic. A tasty and unique way to enjoy this eclectic neighborhood. Chicken skewers with peanut sauce are always popular with kids. (Simply Desserts is right next door if you need a treat after dinner.)

Blue C Sushi — if your kids love sushi they’ll love grabbing it from the moving track that circles the restaurant.


Wallingford Pizza House — deep dish pizza the way it should be. Oh, and try the pizza in a bowl too.

Tutta Bella Pizzeria — a super fun restaurant that serves thin-pizza heaven. Good beer (for the adults) and desserts (for everyone) make it the perfect family restaurant.

Capitol Hill/First Hill

Vios Cafe — Great greek/mediterranean food in a relaxed cafe atmosphere. Nice play area for toddlers and younger. There’s also another Vios — with an equally great vibe — in Ravenna (North Seattle).

Piecora’s Pizzeria — the cities best pizza in a cool, loud and friendly neighborhood pizzeria.

Greenwood and the rest of North Seattle

Gorditos — the best Mexican restaurant in the city. Cheap and incredibly tasty food with an easy going vibe.

Red Mill Burgers — one of two locations in the city that serve Seattle’s best hamburger. Delicious milkshakes too.

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  1. Headed to Seattle today and so grateful to find your recommendations! I can’t stand eating chain restaurant food when we go out of town and these places look great. Thanks so much!!

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