Travel With Kids: Sand Sledding In Vietnam

During our trip to Vietnam, we made a visit to the Sand Dunes near Mui Ne. The Sand Dunes are much like what they sound – a large expanse of sand hills and drifts carved by the wind into a range of shapes, grooves and lines. As you walk into the dunes young kids approach to offer their plastic sleds and demonstrate – for a price of course – how to ride the hills of sand.

Kipling getting ready for his first ride down the dunes.
Sledding the sand dunes in Vietnam.

Is it a chance to sled without being cold, or a trip to the beach without the opportunity to swim?Playing in the sand, Vietnam

Samuel getting some help up the hills.
Children at the sand dunes, Vietnam

6 questions and comments

  1. Lucia

    Wow! That looks like some serious fun. Reminds me of the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and New Mexico but I don’t remember any cool sleds. What a great travel experience.

  2. Amy @ The Q Family

    How cool! My kids love sledding down the hill and recently we were lucky to get snow. But I think Sand Sledding will be more fun just because you don’t have to wear 10 layers of clothes. 🙂

  3. wandermom

    Forwarding this post to my kids to check out – I don’t think they realize that they’ll be able to try out things like this when we visit Vietnam next year.

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