Travel With Kids: Sand Sledding In Vietnam

During our trip to Vietnam, we made a visit to the Sand Dunes near Mui Ne. The Sand Dunes are much like what they sound – a large expanse of sand hills and drifts carved by the wind into a range of shapes, grooves and lines. As you walk into the dunes young kids approach to offer their plastic sleds and demonstrate – for a price of course – how to ride the hills of sand.

Kipling getting ready for his first ride down the dunes.
Sledding the sand dunes in Vietnam.

Is it a chance to sled without being cold, or a trip to the beach without the opportunity to swim?Playing in the sand, Vietnam

Samuel getting some help up the hills.
Children at the sand dunes, Vietnam

6 questions and comments

  1. wandermom

    Forwarding this post to my kids to check out – I don’t think they realize that they’ll be able to try out things like this when we visit Vietnam next year.

  2. Lucia

    Wow! That looks like some serious fun. Reminds me of the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado and New Mexico but I don’t remember any cool sleds. What a great travel experience.


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