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The Top 10 things to do in Las Vegas with kids

Las Vegas is awesome. These are my top ten things to do in Las Vegas that you can actually bring your kids along to enjoy as well.

1. Grand Canyon All-American Helicopter Flight. What little one hasn’t been curious about what it is like to ride in a helicopter? It you want to totally splurge, and give your kids the chance of a lifetime, than a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon is a must! The flight is a couple of hundred dollars per child, but it is well worth it! For forty-five minutes both you and your children will enjoy a personal tour of Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. This ride then takes you below the Grand Canyon Rim for a picnic at an authentic Native American shelter. The copter pilot will answer your children’s questions about the canyon and a low flight over the west side of the well-known Las Vegas Strip ends the tour.

Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon.

Helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon

2. VIP Tickets to Blue Man Group. I personally love this suggestion because it allows you and your children to become personally involved with the Blue Man Group show. Each VIP ticket includes a private meet and greet with cast members backstage, a complimentary drink (soft drinks too), and a luminescent merchandise item. Even better is that the luminescent pass allows you, and the kids, to participate in a percussive procession on the casino floor before the first performance of the night!

3. The Adventuredome at Circus Circus is amazing because there are rides for everyone. I mean that. Even kids between the ages of 2 and 4 have a few options, including a SpongeBob ride! The best part? Military members receive a special discount for their families.

Fun rides at the Circus Circus Hotel.

Fun rides at Circus Circus.

4. Lied Discovery Children’s Museum. Ok, I know what you are thinking. “A day in Vegas and I am going to a museum?” Trust me, you will LOVE it. The museum is located on Las Vegas Blvd. and offers music, sports and educational exhibits that are fun for the entire family. Note: If you take a cab then make sure you schedule a pick-up time for it to come back. There are zero waiting cabs at this location.

5. Mystère by Cirque du Soleil at The Treasure Island Hotel & Casino. This show is perfect for children ages seven and above. Of course, you can take younger children but they may fall asleep because of the show’s start time and length- not because it is boring. In fact, Mystère offers high-energy acrobatics that may result in your children finding a new love for gymnastics.

6. Get Thrilled with carnival rides over 800 ft. off of the ground! That’s right, I said it. The Stratosphere Hotel & Casino offers carnival rides that sit on top of its landmark tower. A tower that is the tallest building west of the Mississippi river! An unlimited rides’ pass is a little over thirty-dollars per person. Children who are under fifteen years old must be accompanied by an adult. Specific height restrictions do apply to certain rides. It is worth a call to the hotel on the day you plan to venture over for the rides. Why? Well, the elevators are the fastest ones in the world and environmental factors, such as wind and rain, can shut both the rides and the actual tower down.

Ride at the Stratosphere Hotel.

One of many rides at the Stratosphere Hotel.

7. The Springs Preserve. This is a great “down” day activity with the kids in Las Vegas. The Preserve is about twenty to thirty minutes off of The Las Vegas Strip. But, the various activities and the café offered at the location are well worth the track to the west-side of Las Vegas. You can even plan your trip to Vegas around one of the many activities offered.

8. For a spooky, year-round activity in Las Vegas try Haunted Vegas Tours. Ok, this might be more fitting for kids who are thirteen years of age (and older) but the history lesson provided between traveling from haunted hot spot to haunted hot spot is worth it! The grisly tour was voted by AOL Travel as “a must,” and you’re allowed to take photos of any ghost sightings! The tour starts at 9:30 pm nightly and it is two and half hours long.

9. The Gondola Rides at The Venetian. Even though this activity takes place in Las Vegas, it feels like you are worlds away. The Gondola guides sing and entertain as you are whiskey around the inside (or sometimes outside) Italian atmosphere that The Venetian is known for providing. You will truly feel as if you are in Italy without spending a ton of money or the hassle of obtaining a passport.

Gondolas in Las Vegas.

Everyone likes a Gondola ride.

10. The Walking Box Ranch. Ok, this one is outside of Las Vegas but worth the trip. Children who are interested in photography or turtles will love this adventure. Parents will too, especially if they love the history of Hollywood. 1930’s “It” girl, Clara Bow, owned this ranch before it was donated to the University of Las Vegas Nevada (UNLV). It is located in Searchlight, NV and officials tours are solely arranged through UNLV.

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About the Author: Helene Vece is a regular contributor to She has lived and worked in Las Vegas for the past thirty-two years. Ms. Vece raised her two children in Las Vegas and takes her grandchildren for weekly Vegas’ adventures.

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