London With Kids

Our Family Trip To London

We just got back from London. Here are some pictures and suggestions for enjoying your family trip to London.

Double decker buses at the Transport Museum in London

This was probably our kids’ favorite attraction. The London Transport Museum has an incredible display of exhibits about subways, buses, posters, and future plans. A must see in London.

The Docklands Museum on Canary Wharf in London

The Museum of the London Docklands covered the commercial history of the Thames and the growth of London around the river. It was one of my favorites.

A model of the London Tower.

The Tower of London was very popular with the kids. Here’s a model of the Tower on display inside the museum.

Tower Bridge as seen from the Tower.

A view of Tower Bridge from The Tower.

Tanks inside the Imperial War Museum

The boys took the audio tour at the Imperial War Museum.

A hands-on submarine exhibit at the Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum had some hands-on fun. In this case the Submarine exhibit.

The Imperial War Museum in South London

The Imperial War Museum was also one of the boys’ favorites.

The kids looking at the Egyptian mummies at the British Museum.

The family tours and audio guides were great at the British Museum. Here the adventure guide took us through the Egyptian mummies.

The Borough Market in London

Not far from Tower Bridge is the Borough Market. It was highly recommended to us by a few local friends and was a great place for a weekend visit.

Curry at the Borough Market.

Kipling ordering curry for lunch at the Borough Market.

Treats, pies, and brownies at the Borough Market.

There were lots of tasty treats too.

A tank at the National Army Museum

The National Army Museum. An interesting place but if you only have 2 or 3 days then you can safely give it a miss. The museum does have a Kids’ Zone that is popular for ages 1 to 5, but you need to reserve time slots in advance to have any hope of getting in.

The Natural History Museum in London.

The Natural History Museum was a highlight for the whole family.

A demonstration at the London Science Museum.

A demonstration at the London Science Museum. This is the Launchpad exhibit for hands-on fun on the 3rd floor. There is also the Pattern Pod area on the ground floor.

An airplane at the Science Museum.

The kids enjoyed the Science Museum but if you can only do one of the Kensington museums then make it the Natural History Museum

Tea time with kids in London.

Tea time was very popular with the boys too.

Where We Went

11 questions and comments

  1. Mariam Bee

    Amazing post, many thanks!!!

    Just to mention a place I found for some really fun activities for kids. Second floor Studios in Greenwich have some amazing people offering great value for money activities. While we were there my kids learnt circus tricks, candle making (which my opinion was the best out of the lot!), mountain climbing and go-carting.

    Here’s the link for the candle making classes

  2. Annie

    Hi there – I’m trying to find a park with picnic tables in London (ideally Hampstead Heath) and found your post. You mention most parks have picnic tables and I’m finding this actually not to be true. Which parks have you been to that have picnic tables?

  3. jason @ corfu villa

    Hey, you left out my 3 favourite museums in which I spent hours and hours as a kid: Imperial War Museum, Natural History and The Science Museum.

    And London wouldn’t be London without some pie’n’mash. Gor luvva duck guvner!

  4. Ann

    We are heading to London this spring and one thing I did to decrease sightseeing costs was purchase a London pass card. This covers admission to 55+ attractions in London. You might do better on prices if you know exactly where you want to go and pre-purchase tix online. However, I wanted the flexibility of not worrying about tickets I purchased to see a cathedral …if I later changed my mind. To get your monies worth you have to see a lot of attractions in a short period of time.

  5. J Cori Anderberg, American Mama living in London

    Hands down my boys favorite place in London is the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens. It’s a Peter Pan themed playground complete with pirate ship, tipis, lost boy’s hideouts, and the like! Best of all it’s free. There’s also a little cafe there for snacks or a light lunch–all kid friendly of course! Our family takes the tube to High Street Kensington to have lunch at Whole Foods (great for our multiple food-allergy fam) then walks over past Kensington Palace. It’s a great day out!

  6. Eric

    Any idea of the best way to get around London on the subway with kids. I mean as to cost and saving money. Are there day passes? Thanks.

    1. David Post author

      There are day passes – Oyster cards and travelcards – but whether you’ll buy or need them for your kids will depend on their ages. Generally 10 and under and they won’t need a Oyster card, as long as they are accompanied by an adult they’ll be free on trams, buses, light rail and the tube. Ages 11 to 15 they’ll be free on the trams and buses, and have the child rate on light rail and the tube but they’ll need the Oyster photocard.

      The Oyster card is awesome and highly recommended for adults. It makes getting on the tube, buses, and light rail so easy. You never have to worry about having the right change or money. And it makes most trips cheaper than if you bought a single fare. They do require a small deposit but getting it refunded on your last day in London is easy. You buy them at any tube station and get them refunded at any tube station. You can add money to them at kiosks in any tube station as well. When you enter a tube station with the card there are usually special gates you can use that will allow your kids to enter with you (and avoid the turnstile type gates that allow only one person through at a time). If you have any trouble just ask an attendant and they’ll wave you through with your kids.

      I hope that helps.

      Good luck.

  7. Andy

    Nice suggestions of what to do in London! My wife and I have have just finished writing our guide to the city with more free advice on what to see and we recommend walking along the South Bank for free and taking in the sights too. I know it sounds odd, but we’d also say Tate Modern is a must and again is free. There’s more here…..

  8. man from london

    London’s public transport is seamless. The Tube is an efficient network of interchangeable colour-coded rail lines taking you from one side of London to another in next to no time. But like all good services you pay for it. If you are going to regularly use the tube an Oyster Card can help you reduce travel costs.

  9. tony scott

    Thanks for sharing this blog. I will definitely try one of your suggestions in my next trip to London. You can also visit Windermere Hotels at the Lake District.


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