The Best Beaches on Bali

The best beaches in Bali are found in the south: around Kuta, Jimbaran, and the Bukit Peninsula. Some of these are also very busy, of course (particularly Kuta). Hop on a bus or rent a car and you can find some great stretches of sand with few other tourists around. Bali is a year round destination so concern about weather and seasons should be put to rest. That said, the best weather on Bali is usually found from April to September.

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The 16 Best Hotels on Bali

Kuta – 10 minutes north of the airport

Kuta – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Sheraton Bali Kuta ResortHard Rock Hotel Bali (kid-friendly, amazing pool)

Tuban – 5 minutes south of Kuta

Tuban – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel (adjacent to a large mall and opposite Waterbom water park) • Bali Dynasty (great for kids) • Febri’s Hotel & Spa (great budget hotel)

Legian – 5 minutes north of Kuta

Legian – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Padma Resort (the most luxurious resort in Kuta area) • The Stones Hotel by Marriott

Seminyak – 10 minutes north of Kuta

Seminyak – Best Bali Beaches
Recommended Hotels: W Retreat & SpaThe OberoiThe Legian Bali (best hotel in Seminyak)

Canggu – 30 minutes north of Kuta

Canggu – Bali's Best Beaches

Jimbaran – 15 minutes south of Kuta

Jimbaran Beach – The Best Beaches on Bali
Recommended Hotels: Four Seasons Resort at Jimbaran BayHotel Puri Bambu (great budget hotel)

Nusa Dua – 30 minutes southeast of kuta

Nusa Dua – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: St Regis (super deluxe, maybe the nicest beach resort on Bali) • The LagunaThe Westin (good kids’ club)

Balangan – 30 minutes south of Kuta

Balangan – Bali's Best Beaches

Bingin – 30 minutes south of Kuta

Bingin – Bali's Best Beaches

Dreamland Beach – 30 minutes south of Kuta

Dreamland – Bali's Best Beaches

Lovina – 3 hours north of Kuta

Lovina – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Rambutan Hotel (wonderful, family-friendly hotel)

Sanur – 30 minutes east of Kuta

Sanur – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Tandjung Sari Hotel (charming Balinese style hotel, boutique luxury at very reasonable rates)

Dream Beach, Nusa Lembongan – 30 minute boat ride from Sanur

Dream Beach Nusa Lembongan – Bali's Best Beaches

Padangbai – 1 hour east of Kuta

Padangbai – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Padang Bai Beach Resort (great place, super friendly)

Amed – 3 hours east of Kuta

Amed – Bali's Best Beaches
Recommended Hotels: Villa Aquamarine (book far in advance)

Jemeluk Beach – 3 hours east of Kuta

Jemeluk – Bali's Best Beaches

The 5 Best Hotels on Bali

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77 questions and comments

  1. Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran or Ubud?

    Hi David, great article :)
    I want your advice, me and my fiance will spend our honeymoon at Bali next November and we planned to visit two areas of Bali, so what’s your recommendation? We want very clean beach and nightlife. Should we go to Nusa Dua, Seminyak, Kuta, Jimbaran or Ubud?
    Miriam Moheb

    1. David Post author

      Nusa Dua – Great beach (very calm), not much nightlife
      Seminyak – Great beach (with some surf), trendy nightlife
      Kuta – Great beach (with some surf), boisterous nightlife
      Jimbaran – Good beach (calmer than Kuta, not as calm as Nusa Dua), not much nightlife
      Ubud – No beach, mature easy going nightlife

      Hope that helps.

      1. How To Get from Kuta to Nusa Dua

        Thank you David for your quick reply :)
        We can stay 8 nights at Kuta, then go two nights to Nusa Dua, is it easy to go from Kuta to Nusa Dua? How can we go to Nusa Dua?
        Miriam Moheb

        1. David Post author

          Taxis are easy to find and the best way to around. Blue Bird are reliable and more likely to use a meter – but sometimes you’ll be forced to use whoever drives by and will take you. If you travel late at night you can sometimes be forced to take whatever is available. It costs about 100,000rp to 150,000rp ($8 to $12). The ride from Kuta to Nusa Dua takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

  2. Family Resort on Beautiful Beach

    Amazing and unique website!
    My question is fairly easy but the answer may not be!

    I love the Bali resorts and want this aspect for a family of 4 but we are also looking for it on a picture prefect beach with picture perfect water – does this exist?

    Thanks very much, Susanne

  3. Quiet Beach with Nightlife

    hi David ,
    I am planning to have my honeymoon in Bali starting December 20 (high season, very busy time).
    I plan to stay in a villa with private pool in ubud for 3 days as I noticed there are a lot of tours and activities to do in Ubud (please tell me whether I’m right or not because that’s what i understood from tripadvisors research).
    And then I want to go to a nice beach not very busy though. I want to have fun at night (restaurant or bars with walking distance) – which beach do you recommend in Bali?

    1. David Post author

      That’s a bit of a contradiction: you either get a busy beach and nightlife, or a quiet beach and no nightlife. But, Sanur and Seminyak come closest to having it both ways. And yes, Ubud has lots of activities and tours to keep visitors busy (if they wish).

  4. Ubud and Nusa Dua

    Hi David. Your site is really a big help for first timers in Bali. My husband and I will be spending our first wedding anniversary in July for 4 days. We’re planning to go first to Ubud and then Nusa Dua. Is this plan wise or better to go to Nusa dua first? Also, is the beach in Nusa Dua clean or we rather go to Jimbaran? Thank you Lorie

    1. David Post author

      The order of your visits doesn’t matter. Nusa Dua is closer to the airport so you just have to decide whether you want a short drive after arriving or a short drive before departing. (The trip from the airport to Ubud goes through the heart of Bali traffic so can be quite slow.) Nusa Dua has a nice beach than Jimbaran but Jimbaran is much more interesting (fish market in the morning, beach restaurants in the evening).

  5. Sanur for Teens

    Sanur – is it going to excite 2 older teens?
    What besides biking along the water & water sports is there to do there?

  6. Clean Beaches in Bali

    Hi David,

    Heading to Bali in early Dec. Heard the beaches around Kuta are very unclean that time of year. Are they cleaner on the east coast that time of year?


    Trish Cornish

    1. David Post author

      Yes, the clean and dirty beaches do tend to alternate based on the time of year and the direction of the currents. That said, I would not agree that the beaches are very unclean in December. After a storm they will tend to have some rubbish for a few days (if you’re staying at a 5 star resort they’ll usually have workers out there cleaning the beach) but it’s rare for it to be dirty enough for a long stretch that it will ruin your vacation.

  7. Jimbaran or Nusa Dua

    Great website and after reading everything I have narrowed down my week stay in Bali to either Jambaran or Nusa Dua.

    I will be travelling with my bf and my parents (50s). We are looking for a place that has a few bars / restaurants etc within walking distance so we can stoll around of an evening. Which of my 2 choices would you recommend for this?

    Last year we took them to Sanur and whilst everything was great and within walkign distance if I am honest we did feel a lttle let down by the beach!

    Suggestions welcome


    1. David Post author

      Jimbaran is great at night with restaurants set up along the sand at night – lots of fun. You can walk up and down the beach with a beer, kids and families are playing in the surf, it’s wonderful. Not much nightlife there but Kuta is a short taxi ride if you want to hit some clubs one night. The beach is good though surf can be “active” some times, other times quite calm. Nusa Dua has far less to do but the beach is more idyllic and almost always calm and inviting. So it just depends what you prioritize: the beach or the vibe?

  8. Travel Agent for Bali

    Thank you for the amazing advice.
    Can you recommend a good tour operator who could help me plan and organize my holiday in Indonesia.

    1. David Post author

      Sorry, I don’t use travel agents. You’ll get much better rates and airfares by using (for hotels) and (for flights). With travel agents they have pre-arranged package deals with hotels and resorts and try to push you into booking there whether they are good or not. You also tend to end up staying with a lot of other people on the same package tour – and it can feel rather cookie-cutter. Doing the planning on your own (while a little more work) makes for a much more rewarding holiday for most people. Hope that helps.

  9. Day Trip to Nusa Lembongan

    Hi there David,
    Just wondering if you knew any companies that did a day trip from either Legian/our hotel to Nusa Lembongan for a adventerous young couple looking for a fun day?

    Many thanks,

    1. David Post author

      I don’t. But even if I did I’d still recommend waiting to arrange it after your arrival. It’s easy to find tours and there are quite a few details that are always changing with tours it’s best to talk to someone in person a day or two before you go and pick the tour that works best.

  10. Sharlynn Ng

    Hi David! Your beach overview is fantastic! I plan to go to bali end of next month and will be staying in Kuta and then Ubud. This might be a slightly dumb question but I was wondering if there are public areas on the beaches such as Legian/tuban/sanur? I’m sure some of the best stretches are taken up by hotel properties but would you say there are also good areas open to the public? I’m interested most in beaches around Kuta!

    1. Public Beaches in Bali Post author

      All of the beach along Kuta, Legian, and Tuban is open to the public and unrestricted by the beach hotels. The Four Seasons has a private beach and there are resorts in Nusa Dua that completely take control of the beach area in front of their hotel but for the most part beaches in Bali are free to use for non-guests – though there will be a charge if you use their beach chairs and umbrellas.

  11. Honeymoon Beach in Bali

    Hi David!
    Thanks for this great article! I would love advice about where to stay in Bali! My husband and I are going to Bali for a week in April for our honeymoon. We’ve already booked 4 nights at a private villa I’m sesah village because we wanted to immerse ourselves in the Balinese culture and plan to take day trips to Ubud and Tanah Lot, etc. But for our second half of our honeymoon, we’d like to just completely relax on white sand beaches and crystal clear blue water in a quiet serene place (with option to snorkel and beginner level surfing), preferably away from lots of tourists though and not a crowded beach. What town would you recommend me look for a resort or luxury villa? I’ve been debating between Nusa Dua (beaches look perfect but I feel like it’s a bit too touristy for us), Jimbaran and Uluwata, or maybe even Gili islands?? Are there beaches just as beautiful as Nusa Dua but not in the gated tourist area?? Any advice would help! Thanks so much!

    1. David Post author

      Both Nusa Dua and the Gili islands will have the white sand beaches you’re looking for. Yes, Nusa Dua does have a resort feel to it. The Gilis are more laid back and low key with both attitude and accommodations. Gili Trawangan is the busiest with the most nightlife (though nothing crazy like Kuta). Gila Air is quieter and more upscale. Gili Meno is somewhere in between.

  12. Calm Beach on Bali

    I needed advice about beaches in bali. I’m not really into surf and was looking to some relax time wit a peaceful beach like maya bay in phi phi. Would I find such a beach in bali?

    1. David Post author

      There are a couple beaches just outside of Padangbai that are wonderful. Padangbai itself is relaxing and low key. Nusa Dua has a great stretch of calm beach as well. Nearby Lombok also has its share of peaceful beaches.

  13. Bali with 3 Kids

    Hi David – great site!

    We will be in Bali around 3 weeks in July with 3 kids (10-15). They like to surf and do the usual (pre) teen stuff so Legian/Kuta would be good – but mom and dad like to be in a hipper -more happing area ( a la Seminyak beach clubs). I think we’ll split the trip into beach and Ubud – staying in 3 or 4 different places (maybe with a few days Lombok thrown in).

    What would you recommend?


    1. David Post author

      I think you’ve got it right. Split your time between Kuta (around waterbom), Seminyak, and Ubud. Throw in Jimbaran (as a base to explore the beaches of the Bukit) if you need a 4th.

  14. 3 Weeks in Bali – Where To Stay

    Hi there, We are looking for some advice. Our family is heading to Bali for 3 weeks (late March/early April). Our kids are 13, 11 and 8. We are looking to try some surfing, see the sights of Bali and relax. We originally had planned on staying in the Amed area but have swayed toward Kuta recently. We would like to be within walking distance to a beach and a village/amenities. The more research I have done on Kuta seems like it is just so busy with tourists and not as relaxed as other places. But we also want to be able to go on an adventure if we get restless. We are also contemplating staying at the same place or breaking it up.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

    Stehanie Henry

    1. David Post author

      I would definitely break up those 3 weeks. Kuta is good for shopping (which kids tend to like) and taking surf lessons – but after a week there you’ll be ready to move on. To explore the Bukit Peninsula I’d use Jimbaran as a base. To explore central and eastern Bali I’d have Ubud (my favorite), Sanur, Padangbai, or Amed as a base. If you wanted to explore the north then Lovina is great. I’d probably choose 3 or 4 of those towns and see as much of the island as possible.

  15. Bali with a 7 Year Old

    Hi there,

    i really need some advice. I am looking to travel to Bali, just my 7 year old son and I. We are flying in from London for 2 weeks and was originally looking at Sanur, however i have found Sanur to have a lot of mixed reviews. In your experience, where is the best place to stay in Bali with children? I don’t want the typical 5 star, all inclusive experience as i want him to experience the culture, but at the same time i do not want him to become bored- especially as we are staying for 2 weeks!

    Many thanks


    1. David Post author

      First off, I would say with 2 weeks you should stay in a variety of places – certainly more than 1. Sanur is on the quiet side but is also close to central and eastern Bali where there’s lots of great stuff to explore. Good day trips from Sanur are easy. Ubud is a great town (and the surrounding area) if you’re looking for Balinese culture. Seminyak and Jimbaran are 2 more ideas.

  16. Affordable Hotel in Jimbaran

    Dear David, would you please advise me some hotels (range $50-$60/night max) in Jimbaran for a week stay. Me and my husband would like to spend holidays but not have that big budget. Would there be any such hotel within this range with beach/bay view? Alternatively, suggest me some hotels which are walking distance from beach coz I love beach.

    1. David Post author

      Hotel Puri Bambu in Jimbaran is great. It’s a 3 minute walk from the beach, has a good pool (with swim-up bar), free breakfasts (or did when I was last there), and super friendly staff. Great seafood restaurants are at this section of beach so cheap delicious food is available too.

  17. Good Hotel (not too expensive) in Jimbaran or Nusa Dua

    Hi David, my husband and I are Bali newbies. We are heading there for 11 nights in May/June. We are hoping to pamper ourselves by staying somewhere luxurious with a gorgeous pool, but without the luxury prices! – maybe $250-300/night rather than the $650/night you have to pay at places like St Regis or Four Seasons Jimbarin. We want to be on a beautiful, sheltered beach, not too crowded but still with easy access to great places to eat etc … Not asking for much, am I! Thinking about Jimbarin or Nusa Dua, but are open to other areas not overrun with the party crowds. Your opinion/hotel recommendations would be greatly appreciated!


    1. David Post author

      The Le Meridien Bali Jimbaran is a nice hotel with a good pool but not right on the beach – it’s a 2 minute walk away. Lots of great seafood restaurants are a very short walk away. You’ll find much better food in Jimbaran than Nusa Dua.

  18. Hotel with Great Beach

    Hi there and thanks for great info. we are heading back to bali next year. We stayed at The Padma in may/june this year however were very disappointed with the beach there (hotel was fantastic ). Can you suggest a place that has a great child friendly and clean beach and a great hotel for young children.

  19. Where To Stay?

    Hi we are a family with 2 small kids, age 3 and 4.. Want to go Bali for 2 weeks.. Where should we stay.? I am confused, really don’t want to stay at kuta.. We from the Gold Coast and live near beach however the beach is definately very important to us. We want to experience Bali and see it all.. I thought Seminyak but people said, no.. Want things to do but also chill out. Should we split out trip and stay in 2 different areas , or maybe somewhere that is close to everything!

    1. David Post author

      Sanur is a great choice. It has a good beach (not great) and is close to many things to see and do (the “real Bali”) in the interior of the island. When you’re in the Kuta and region and try to get north you have to deal with Kuta traffic and then Denpasar traffic. When you’re Sanur you’ve bypassed most of the congestion. But there are many places. Jimbaran, Ubud (no beach), Padangbai, and Amed are all great.

  20. Ville


    Just wanted to say thank you for the great advice!

    My wife and I are taking a sabbatical and spending one month on of it on Bali.

    Thank you for the information you provide. I find it useful because of my not being so general but specific and opinionated.



  21. Bali in November

    Hi, you seem to have a gret knowledge and hoping you can help. We’re travelling to Bali for the first two weeks of November – splitting our time between Sanur, Gillis and Ubud.

    Conscious that it’s the raining season and hoping to find a beach which is clean for sunbathing/swimming and quite calm – we’re considering the Jimbaran/ Ulu Watu area for our final three days and hoping to pay around £100 a night – do you have any suggestions, and is this the best place for relaxation/ luxury to finish off the holiday? Not planning on hiring a car, so preferably nowhere too isolated.

    Thank you!!

    1. David Post author

      Rain shouldn’t be too bad in November. Perhaps a big downpour once a day but sunny before and after. It’s sort of fun actually. Puri Bambu in Jimbaran is great. Friendly, inexpensive, and a nice pool. Short walk to the beach.

  22. Bali for Surfing and Family

    We are planning to go to Bali in early October for 10 days. We’ll spend some days in Ubud and then we want to spend some time at a nice, not too crowded beach, where my partner can surf and I can hang around with my 4 year old son.
    We’ve been looking at Balangan but I’ve read you need to get on a car to get anywhere and might be a bit too isolated? Otherwise I was looking at Jimbaran.
    Can you recommend one over the other one? and also, any good suggestions for accommodation? we are happy with a simple nice villa, rather than resorts :)
    Thank you,

    1. David Post author

      Balangan has better surf but not a lot of places to stay. Jimbaran has many hotels and resorts, tons of places to eat, but the surf is for beginners at best as the bay is protected and the waves very calm compared to Kuta and other beaches. Canggu (north of Kuta and much quieter) is great for advanced surfers and lots of villas though they are very spread out. Padang Padang to the south might also be a good choice but then you’re back to being somewhat isolated like Balangan.

  23. Villas in Jimbaran

    I am planning to celebrate my 40th in Bali and would like to rent a four bed villa close to Jimbaran beach. There are so many villas to choose from and getting rather confusing as all of them have wonderful photos and descriptions. Do you have any villas or information sources that you would recommend. Many thanks.

  24. A place to hang with small kids for a day at Jimbaran Beach

    We are staying on Bukit in the south and wondered about a place that you can hang out on Jimbaran Beach for the day, hire loungers, eat and let the kids play in the surf and sand.

    1. David Post author

      Shouldn’t be a problem. There are lots of restaurants and several hotels where you can sit as long as you purchase food. Just walk along the beach until you find a place you like.

  25. sid

    love your website, found amazing advises.
    please advise me, we are a family of four, six nights in bali, wanting to split our stay between resorts on good beaches, luxury resorts but reasonably priced too. and not very far from touristy places too. and traveling in dec-jan
    i was thinking of jimbaran beach or kuta or nusa dua, any resort ON BEACH not near beach but beach front, suggest any villas too as we re a family


  26. kelly

    hi david!

    just wondering if you have any recommendations for me? im planning to take a trip to bali late november but am not looking for the hotel resort type. more the eat, pray love coastal bungalow type? its supposed to be a relaxing escape but we also dont want to be too far from the touristy places either. what accommodations can you recommend and what location? your expertise would be greatly appreciated!

    1. David Post author

      I’d try in and around Amed (on the coast) or Ubud (in central Bali – and where Eat, Pray, Love is set). Both have some great hotels. Ubud in particular is loaded with fantastic little hotels set out in the hills and surrounded by rice paddies and thick forest. The town is still close but you don’t feel like you’re near a major tourist center. If you have the time the best way to find them is to spend a day driving between a few places, looking at the rooms and checking the rates. Hire a car for the day – it’s a great way to see the country side too.

      If you’re short on time or want something booked in advance then these links might help:
      Hotels in Amed
      Hotels in Ubud

      Good luck.

  27. Ole just

    Great inspiration – just wanted to get your take on Candidasa in later March…? Is there any beach, can you swim there or is it hard with currents? Are there anywhere else you would suggest to take my wife and four year old son? We will spend some time in Ubud, but also have days to spend at the sea beach…
    Kuta is most likely too touristic, are we are looking for an quiet place.
    Looking forward hearing from you and once again thanks
    Ole Just

    1. David Post author

      It’s not so much the currents around Candidasa, it’s that the beach has been eroded and the sand is very narrow. Padangbai is a good choice in eastern Bali. Several good beaches nearby (some just a short walk). Sanur has a very kid-friendly beach but it’s pretty touristy.

  28. Emma

    thank you for your brilliant site. Very useful and interesting.
    We are going to a wedding in Seminyak next April and would like to make a 10 day holiday out of it. We would like to find a family friendly yet moderately luxurious resort/hotel/villa in Seminyak that has a warm pool for the kids and is close to a beach. I have looked at Semara resort but am slightly concerned by lots of negative reviews. We welcome any suggestions…Thanks.

  29. Rachel

    Hi David! My husband and I are thinking about heading to Bali in early October and friends already have reservations just north of Nusa Dua in Tanjungbenoa. How are the beaches in Nusa Dua and Tanjungbenoa? I’ve read mixed reviews, and I really want to stay at a decent hotel where I can lay on a beautiful beach and swim in the water. Any good beaches for this and hotel recommendations ($150 or under a night) would be so welcome and appreciated.

    Great advice on this website, thank you!

    1. David Post author

      Hi Rachel. Tanjung Benoa has more character than the rest of Nusa Dua. Nice beach too. The Grand Mirage Resort Bali is very family friendly. It might be a bit over your budget but in October there should be some great deals. Good luck.

  30. Rita

    really great articles you have here, also love the pic!
    me and my sister are going to bali mid august for 2 weeks and im trying to find best hotels and things to do. I read so many articles on lonely planet that my head is just spinning now. since you’ve visited bali several times could you give some tips where to stay and what tours to take without being ripped off. We are looking for amazing beaches and to get the best experience as its our first big/far away trip. we want to try snorkeling and surfing too and can spend up to 80$ a night for hotel and can change a few since we want to go to gillis etc. your advice would be highly appreciated

    1. David Post author

      Hi Rita. In many ways Kuta is the best place to organize tours from as there are so many companies there and such a wide range of activities. On the other hand, getting out and seeing the island on your own (or at least hopping between 3 or 4 different towns) is a great way to see “beyond the tours” and the other big tourist towns (Ubud, Lovina, Sanur, Nusa Dua) will have plenty of different options for arranging tours.

      In general the surfing and beaches are best in the south; the rice fields and beautiful balinese countryside is in the central part of the island; the mountains in the north,east, and far west; the dolphins in the north (by Lovina); the scuba diving in the west and north of the island.

      Jimbaran makes a good place to explore the south. Ubud is good for exploring central, north, and west Bali.

      As for hotels, if you’re just looking for the best deals for the money then use this website.

      If you need a recommendation then I love this hotel in Jimbaran and this one in Ubud.

      Hope that helps. Good luck.

    1. David Post author

      Kuta is great for beginners. Many places to rent gear and take courses, and lifeguards on duty if you get into trouble. Uluwatu probably the best for advanced surfers, though lots of choices on the Bukit for great breaks.

      Good overview here on the different surfing spots in Bali:

  31. Question about Seminyak

    Could you recommend a splurge hotel for Seminyak or that general area? Great pool is the most important.

  32. Lari

    We loved Kuta and thought the beach was fantastic. I’d heard so many negative things about Kuta that I wasn’t going to spend anytime there but found a great hotel (the Hard Rock with an amazing amazing pool and slides) and couldn’t drag ourselves away.

    We found the other towns sort of boring in comparison. Different strokes suppose.

  33. Ayia

    How would you book a hotel in Kuta for a week? We’re looking for a mid-range hotel with a pool in a central location, other than that we’re not fussy.

    Are there good websites that you can recommend for booking? or should I find a hotel in a guide book and phone them?

    First time to Bali and a little confused. T.

    1. David Post author

      The BIMC hospital ( is very good quality. We’ve used their emergency-room care when our son was bit by a dog and had to get a series of rabies shots. They were very professional and I’d highly recommend them. It’s located on the eastern edge of Kuta and you can get there in less than an hour from anywhere south of Ubud. Hope that helps.

  34. Glenn

    How hard is it to get between Jimbaran and Kuta? I’m not big on shopping malls, but are they easily accessible from Jimbaran? Thanks.

    1. David Post author

      Very easy. Taxis are easy to get and it takes about 10 minutes. There’s the Bali Mall Galeria and the Discovery Mall that are fairly easy to get to from Jimbaran in that there on the south and east side and you can avoid central Kuta to get to them.

  35. wen

    So hard to pick one. We have 10 days and would like to stay in just one area. Maybe do some day trips but don’t want to switch hotels. What beach and could you recommend a hotel there? Thank you.

    1. David Post author

      Go with Jimbaran. I love it. Quiet. Great beach. Some really awesome and cheap beach restaurants that serve fantastic seafood dishes. It’s a short taxi drive to Kuta if you want to shop or do some night life yet you don’t have to deal with the crowds of tourists like when you stay in Kuta.

      My favorite hotel in Jimbaran is the Four Seasons at Jimbaran. It’s great.

      Good luck.


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