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Athens with Kids – Recommended Hotels

The Westin Athens Resort

Located 20 minutes from Athens on a private peninsula with a great beach and wonderful pool. Lots of kid-friendly activities. Close to the shopping, restaurants, and nightlife of Glyfada.

Ava Hotel & Suites

Great location on a quiet street in the Plaka below the Acropolis. Great breakfast and close to a metro station. Some rooms have kitchenettes.

Astor Hotel

Very good breakfast included and served on a rooftop restaurant with amazing views of the Acropolis. Large triples and quads are available for families. An excellent mid-range choice near Syntagma Square and its metro stop.

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4 questions and comments

  1. Athens, Santorini, Naxos with Kids

    Your website is great! I have been paralyzed with indecision about what to do for a trip to Greece. Your site is helping me to narrow my focus. We have not booked yet, but will soon, to come to Greece at the end of May. We we will most likely be flying in and out of Athens. We have two children, ages 13 and 11. Thinking of two nights in Athens, then ferry or fly to Santorini, two nights on Santorini and then 4 nights in Naxos. Too ambitious for a relaxing vacation???

    1. Would you recommend to fly or take a ferry to Santorini from Athens?
    2. Part of me thinks this could be too much moving around from place to place. Is a day trip from Naxos to Santorini enough?
    3. Since it is the end of May, I know that it won’t be too hot and I even worry that it could be too chilly to swim in the sea. With the black sands of Santorini, is the water actually warmer at these beaches than on Naxos?
    4. I know you highly recommend Naxos for families – does that mean for teens/tweens too or just with younger children?
    5. Where on Naxos do you recommend we look to stay? We tend to rent homes/villas, but are open to other suggestions. We want to be close to a smaller village, and have the ability to do day trips (with a car) to different beaches and locations. I have usually used Homeaway or Airbnb to find places, do you have any other websites you would recommend?

    Any and all advice is very appreciated!!! Thank you!

    1. David Post author

      1. In your situation (and not a lot of time) then flying is best. You’ll still get to take the ferry to Naxos and get that experience – so you don’t need to do the 8 hour trip to Santorini to enjoy the ferry.
      2. I only recommend day trips to Santorini when it’s the only option. Much better to spend a couple days there and enjoy the island morning, afternoon, and night. Spending 2 nights on the island will be perfect.
      3. If you get a hot day it can make the water “seem” warmer but no, there won’t be any appreciable difference in the water temperature.
      4. Young children, tweens, teens, adults – everyone loves Naxos.
      5. I like staying in or near the port town (Naxos Town, Chora). There’s a great beach walking distance from the town, it’s the hub for buses around the island, has the most and best restaurants, great vibe, beautiful town. There are other smaller villages too but Naxos Town has a great mix of everything and I think if you stay elsewhere you’ll end up coming in to town most days anyways. Homeaway and Airbnb are good. I also use Flipkey for rentals.

      1. Meghan

        Thank you for the information!

        We have booked two nights in Athens, will then fly to Naxos. Spend three nights on Naxos, then take the ferry to Santorini for the last three nights. Then fly back to Athens to head home! Very excited. Have booked a few places using (love the fact that you can book and then cancel!) and also have some messages out through airbnb. Was interested in your feedback on a some of places.

        For Athens – we are about to book an apartment through Boutique Athens that is located in the Plaka.

        For Naxos – We have booked into the Naxian Collection for a villa there, looks amazing, but is it far from town and other amenities? Worth the cost? We also booked into Lagos Mare. What are your feelings between the two options?

        For Santorini – We have booked at Srogili in Oia, and at Epavlis Hotel in Kamari and Alizea Villas in Fira (can you tell I am all over the place?) Any feelings between these three? Strogili is twice the cost of the other two. Are Epavlis and Alizea only half as nice as Strogili? Is one location more recommended?

        Many thanks in advance!!!

        1. David Post author

          The Plaka in Athens is a great area to stay and easy walking distance to all the most popular attractions. For Naxos, both the Naxian Collection and Lagos Mare are situated off on their own somewhat but within walking distance of a nice beach (Lagos Mare being closer than the Naxian). There is also bus service to the main port town (Naxos Town) nearby. In Santorini these are 3 very different places and hotels: Strogili has great views of the caldera and is located in picturesque Oia. Epavlis is in Kamari, a beach town that’s a 20 minute bus ride from Fira and the caldera. Alizea Villas is a 10 minute walk outside of Fira and does not have caldera views. All 3 hotels have pools.


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