The Best Kid-Friendly Hotels in Amsterdam

Updated: August 21, 2016

Amsterdam Canals and Bikes – The Best Family Hotels

  • The NEMO Science Center is one of the best kids/science museums we’ve ever been to. Highly recommended.
  • The I Amsterdam City Pass is excellent value (especially the 72 hour version). The Amsterdam Private Group Walking Tour is a great tour for families.
  • Vondelpark is the best park in Amsterdam for kids. There’s a good playground and lots of space to run and wander. It’s walking distance or a short tram ride from most hotels in central Amsterdam.
  • Renting bikes to get around the city is lots of fun. MacBike has a large selection and many locations. Bike City is my favorite and good if you don’t want “tourist bikes” with advertising painted all over them.
  • My favorite neighborhood in Amsterdam is the Jordaan but anything within the Singelgracht canal – which roughly marks central Amsterdam from outer Amsterdam – is convenient and family-friendly.
  • is the best website for booking hotels and finding good deals in Amsterdam.
  • For most families the Linden Hotel (great location, good rates, friendly staff, lots of nearby restaurants) in the Jordaan is probably the best choice.

The 10 Best Family Hotels in Amsterdam

  • Hyatt Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht – Luxury
    King Rooms sleep a family of 3.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 523 1234Amsterdam Hyatt hotel with Kids.
  • Linden Hotel – Moderate
    Family Rooms sleep a family of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 622 1460
    The best inexpensive hotel for families in Amsterdam.
  • Hotel CC – Moderate
    Family Rooms sleep a family of 3.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 527 0027 CC hotel with Kids.
  • NH Amsterdam City Centre – Moderate
    Family Quadruple Rooms sleep a family of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 420 4545
    NH City Center Hotel with Kids
  • Max Brown Hotel Amsterdam – Moderate
    Loft with canal view and sofa bed sleeps a family of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 522 2345
    Amsterdam Max Brown hotel with Kids.
  • Hotel Amstelzicht – Moderate
    Family Rooms sleep a family of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 623 6693
    Family Room hotel with Kids.
  • Canal Boutique Apartments – Moderate
    Apartments sleep a family of 6.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 675 3644
    Canal boutique hotel with Kids.
  • The Bridge Hotel – Moderate
    Apartment Suite sleeps a family of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 623 7068
    Bridge hotel with Kids.
  • Tulip Inn Amsterdam Centre – Budget
    Triple Rooms for families of 3, Quadruple Rooms for families of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 622 0535
    Tulip Inn with Kids
  • Avenue Hotel – Budget
    Triple Rooms for families of 3, Quadruple Rooms for families of 4.
    Hotel phone: +31 20 530 9530
    Avenue hotel with Kids.

More Hotels for Families

Amsterdam hotels with large quadruple or family rooms.

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4 questions and comments

  1. Andaz Hotel for Families

    How can you put the Andaz as your first family friendly hotel when they don’t have but a couple rooms with two beds or more than 3 person occupancy.

    Brice Harrison

    1. DavidDavid Post author

      Excellent point Brice. Andaz is great for a family of 3. Travelers that are a couple with 1 child, or a solo parent with 2 children. (I’m often on my own with my 2 kids so this sounds unremarkable to me.) When I find time to write reviews for all these entries I’ll certainly include that info. Cheers.

  2. Amsterdam with Kids – Where To Stay and What To Do?

    Amsterdam will be the half-way point of a trip that takes us from London to Paris, Amsterdam, then Rome and Venice. We have 3 children ages 6, 9, and 11. We have 3 days in Amsterdam and it’s not quite as clear exactly, unlike Paris or Rome, what we should do. I have 3 questions and I hope you can help.

    1) Is Jordaan a good location for us to base ourselves? Will we be able to find enough places to eat as I understand it’s not the main tourist area.
    2) Trying to decide between the Tropen Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Nemo science museum. Will likely do 1 or 2 of these. Which would you recommend?
    3) Can you recommend a walking tour of Amsterdam that would be good for kids?

    Thank you,

    1. DavidDavid Post author

      1) Jordaan is a great area. Still very convenient and an easy walk to central Amsterdam. It can look off on its own when you look at a map but the reality is that it feels very much a part of the pedestrian and bike friendly central neighborhoods. And Jordaan is known for its restaurant scene. It’s a foodie neighborhood but most places still have a kid-friendly vibe.

      2) I would put Nemo at the top, then the Maritime Museum (a 5 minute walk away), and then the Tropen (still good but perhaps a little dry for the younger kids). The zoo is in the same general area of these 3 museums and it’s worth a few hours especially if you have nice weather.

      3) Both the Eating Amsterdam and OMY Amsterdam tours are great. They focus on small group tours that are much better than the large groups that you’ll see with Sandemans. Food tours work really well with kids as you get some history and culture but the food keeps it fun – and, of course, everyone likes to eat. A bonus with the Eating Amsterdam tour is that you get a canal ride on a private boat. The OMY tours are usually only for 4 people but I’m sure if you email them they’d take a family of 5.


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